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We attended the guitar building school of Pieve di Cento (Bo) the town where we also live and work.
We frequently display our instruments at guitar fairs in Italy and all over Europe.

We attended (and often organised) guitar workshops with world renowned guitar makers such as John Monteleone, Linda Manzer, George Lowden, Chris Jenkins, Alex Bishop, Roy Courtnall Summerfield.

In our town we also organised gigs and workshops for world famous guitarists such as Will McNicol, Pierre Bensusan and Nick Jonah Davis.

Building philosophy:

We do build a strictly limited amount of guitars every year, this allows us to pay close attention to details, quality of sound is paramount for us but ergonomics and volume are also mandatory.
We only use traditional finishes like shellac (French polished) and oil varnishes.
We built both classical and string guitars with the same approach albeit with a different philosophy.
Each guitar we build is unique and will remain unique, inlays and decorations changes from customer to customer.
It is our goal to provide the musician with a guitar as beautiful as possible, we strive to achieve a musical experience which will inspire and complement each player.
We do offer a comprehensive advice on suitable “tone-woods” for your instruments, keeping in mind the beauty of the wood and most of all the impact it will have on the sound of your guitar.

SeG - guitars made with passion